ana maria hernando

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Écoutons / Let's Listen / Escuchemos

Écoutons is a French word that in English means Let’s Listen, and in Spanish is Escuchemos. Before the quarantine, Écoutons began as a collaborative performance of going up the Mountain of San Peyre, in the region of the Alps Maritimes in the South of France, and listening together as a group. In silence, the group embroidered and listened while the birds were singing. With the pandemic, going up the mountain in groups was not possible. So Ana Maria sent an invitation out to be part of the piece.

“Sit by a window, a door, a garden, the mountain, and listen…And listen some more. Birds might be singing..."

People began listening, and recordings were made and sent by many to Ana Maria. She has been listening to the sounds shared, embroidering what was heard. Those pieces will be used to make “Pájaros para la Ñusta/ Birds for the Ñusta”, a dress for the feminine spirit of the mountain, the Ñusta, present in Mount San Peyre.

In the midst of the quietness that the quarantines offer, the opportunity to listen seems to have uncovered a thirst to be present, a need to be connected with nature, and in between each other, a need to express care. Écoutons has become a devotional piece of resistance.